Fitness Equipment Johnny G Krankcycle By Matrix

Johnny G has transformed the way we see cardiovascular fitness equipment. A bicycle lover at an early age, Johnny developed a deep spiritual and philosophical connection with this sport. On account of this, he was capable of building completely original system to indoor stationary bicycle exercise, the Spinning bike. This equipment that was imagined being applied to training ultra-distance cycling races surpassed all anticipation as it soared to almost impossible triumph. This machine and exercise system has left a tremendous impact on the world. In 2004 a deadly virus had severely damaged Johnny’s heart, and took away his most prized possession the ability to ride a bike. Nonetheless, refusing to allow this predicament to influence his abiding affection for the sport, a thought came to his mind which made him optimistic. He recalled back in 2002 when he tried out a homespun hand-cycle created by a physically challenged athlete. Then, the Krankcycle came into existence.

Average Rating: 10 of 10 stars

Main Components:

Features sleek revolutionary design
Crank arms can be moved separate from each other for better range of movements
Crank arm offers pivoting height modification for larger choice of muscle activation
Offers transferable seat for complex movements and room for wheelchair access
Ergonomic saddle designed for easy transition between seating and standing exercises
Crank and flywheel are made for forward and backward rotary motion
Crank axis is narrow enough to allow higher RPMS for increasing speed and endurance

Cost: Close to 2,035.14 – 2,344.95

Product Description:

The Johnny G Krankcycle by Matrix offers unique upper body cross training program unlike you’ve never seen before and is ideal for all athletes. The Krankcycle is innovative fitness equipment that has been researched to improve cardiovascular fitness. In addition, it tones core muscles for might and solidity. In the year 2010, this astonishing fitness equipment bagged the IDEA Honourable Mention Award.

Product Specifics:

Built with chain drive system
Steel frame base that has case iron drive finished with polyester powder and zinc oxide
Max User Capacity: 350 pounds
Size: 56.5 x 26.8 x 41.5 (L, W, and H respectively) when assembled
Equipment Weight: 142.4 pounds

Product Features:

Johnny G Krankcycle is the original fitness equipment for centring on the upper body and toning up your cardiovascular fitness. This is also the first fitness equipment that opens the doors for mobility challenged individuals. Currently folks that have particular circumstance, like disabled people, those who have been injured, de-conditioned athletes, overweight and also pregnant moms can visit the health clubs or gyms with a group.

six months Wearable items
Five years on frame
One year on Bearings and tension knob structure
2 years for Cranks, brackets and flywheel
Labour is 90 days


The Johnny G Krankcycle can be explicated with its motto, Competes with nothing, complements with everything. Upper body ergometers, a.k.a. UBEs were patented 73 years ago; they first were deemed rehabilitation equipment. Johnny G overpowered that idea with the Krankcycle. It’s the Ipod of up-to-the-minute cardio fitness equipment. Go out and get one!